Lori Price

Dear District 204 Residents:

To the voters of Indian Prairie District #204:

I have known Justin for almost 10 years. In six of those years, he served alongside me on Indian Prairie’s Board of Education.  In his very first meeting, he became a new set of eyes for other board members and had tremendous insight to share.  And in the six years that he’s served, he shares his knowledge and provides continuous insight that benefits the board and the district.  Being a life-long resident and alumni of the district, he’s seen the growth and change in Indian Prairie.  He knows the history and that history is vital to setting a clear path for future decisions. Justin is truly invested in the district’s success.

Justin’s legal background is beneficial to his detailed focus on policy.  His knowledge of policies and his commitment to ensuring the district remains compliant has been exemplary.  You can trust that Justin believes in good governance through policy, transparency for all stakeholders, and in doing what’s right for this district.  

In all the years I’ve known Justin, I’ve can affirm that he is a man of great character, integrity and commitment.  I’ve never known someone who gives so much of himself and his time.  He’s active in the community and in our schools.  As you look at your candidates for school board in District 204, Justin Karubas has the experience, knowledge and passion to continue to serve in District 204.  

These are just a few of the reasons I support and ENDORSE Justin Karubas for re-election to the Indian Prairie Board of Education.  To learn more about Justin, in go to www.justinkarubas204.com.  I’m sure you will agree that he is most qualified to serve District 204 for another 4-year term.  


Lori Price,

Past President (2013-2018) and Board Member (2011-2018)

Indian Prairie School District #204

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