Owen Wavrinek

Dear District 204 Residents:

As someone who served on the Indian Prairie Dist. 204 School Board for 21 years and has a school (Owen Elementary) named after him, I take a lot of pride in our excellent schools and the students who graduate and go on to do great things.

One of those students is Justin Karubas, who attended 204 schools (K-12), graduated from Waubonsie, received bachelor’s and law degrees here in Illinois, and currently is an attorney with a Wheaton law firm.

I’ve known Justin since 1973, when his family moved into a house down the street from mine in south Naperville.  I watched him grow from boyhood to family man and I was happy to mentor him when he expressed an interest in becoming a School Board member in 2012-13.  Also, we served together on the Board of Directors for the Indian Prairie Educational Foundation — when I especially remember him proudly presenting an IPEF grant to a teacher at Clow Elementary, which he attended (K-5) nearly 20 years prior.

Having known Justin for more than 45 years, I can attest to his character, his honesty, his intelligence, his fair-mindedness, and his commitment to providing the best education possible for the District 204 students.  During his tenure on the School Board, I have observed him focusing – always — on what’s best for 204 kids when making decisions as a member of that Board.

As a result, I am more than happy to endorse Justin Karubas for re-election to the District 204 School Board.  I can’t think of anyone more qualified or anyone who will do a better job over the next four years. 


Owen C. Wavrinek

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